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ITHAKA ON THE HORIZON: A Greek-American Journey



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25 March 2014



Enjoyable read.

Unfortunately the a Greeks have become weak and we have been filtered out of the mainstream.
We abandoned science and took up religion while other powers grew and took us over.
Greeks have sat on their laurels too much. We can easily say that all today's intelligence comes from an Hellenic root but unfortunately this doesn't help.
Non industrial Christian countries in Europe are in a mess. They have been held ransom to the EU and it has created another lost generation.

How can Greece become independent? Is it possible? If we look how power is held now it doesn't agree with our beliefs and traditions, that's why children feel their religion has become redundant. Could we send our kids to fight economic wars for us like Wall Street has done?

True power is always Machiavellian but Greeks can't go back to their Pagan roots.



Greeks are dealing with a changing world and they are experiencing the same kind of problems other countries are grappling with. I agree that we cannot rest on our laurels. It's time that we adapt and overcome. In order to do so we do not necessarily have to jettison who we are as a people nor our past. Our Orthodox faith is timeless and it offers a moral compass in a world without one. The beauty of Orthodoxy is that it does not change according to the whims of the world we live in. Having said that I think that Greeks no matter where they find themselves need to figure out how to survive and prosper using our wits and God given gifts. That means thinking independently and critically. Adapting not adopting. Most of all, it means elevating what is truly important in our lives, things like faith, family, community, and paidea.

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