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ITHAKA ON THE HORIZON: A Greek-American Journey



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30 March 2008



Greeks throughout the world must find out the tactics that others have used to change history. Because as Greeks, we are responsible for our history. We can't let them change it. If we let them do that, we alter our future as a unified "laos". Why do others see it as mere semantics when it means so much for us? Clearly, whatever we've tried in the past to convince the International community hasn't been effective. But things can be different. We must communicate our undying pledge to protect the identity of Μακεδονια as Greek while simultaneously educating those who care to learn. Those who don't care to know (including the people of Skopje) must not be allowed to lay a false claim. They haven't earned it and they should know what the repercussions will be just for trying.



Fewer and fewer people know or understand history. That makes it easier for others to distort and revise history to suit their political agendas.

Greek foreign policies have always been a day late and a dollar short. The recent success can be attributed to the following key factors: 1) everyone including the opposition saying the same thing, 2) convincing other EU allies to support your position by giving them good reasons to do so, and 3) most importantly, doing what you threaten to do.

Unfortunately, Greek unity is always fragile and short-lived.


Let me add that whatever the outcome, Macedonia is part of Greece.

That was decided back in 1912.

If they REALLY want it, "Molon Lave"


FYROM does not pose a military threat. They have their hands full with the sizable Albanian minority within their borders. I suspect that prolonging the name dispute only serves to act as a unifying factor in a country that has precious little to keep it together. Thousands have opted to become Bulgarian citizens.

For Greece the name dispute serves to reinforce the concept that Greek borders and history are not subject to the whims of unfriendly neighbors. This is the root of the problem in the Balkans where the rearrangement of borders is leading to a situation of perpetual warfare.


Just stumbled onto your blog and it looks great. I look fwd to reading as many old posts as I can.

In this post you state "American policy on this key issue has been less than helpful to the Greek side".

Question: When has American policy ever been helpful for Greece?

Certainly not with the Cyprus issue. And certainly not by foisting the brutal dictatorship on Greece.

I always go back to this article when thinking about what the Americans have done for Greece:


Και με τηλεοπτικά σποτ που εμφανίζουν τον Μέγα Αλέξανδρο να επιτίθεται στα... Γαυγάμηλα επιχειρεί τώρα η κυβέρνηση των Σκοπίων να «συνεπάρει» τους πολίτες της, παραλληλίζοντας τις επιτυχείς μάχες του στρατηλάτη με αυτήν που δίνεται αυτές τις μέρες για τη διεκδίκηση του ονόματος Μακεδονία. «Πιστεύω στον εαυτό μου, πιστεύω στη νίκη, εσύ είσαι η Μακεδονία», φέρεται να λέει ο Μέγας Αλέξανδρος στο σποτ, ακολουθούμενος από μακεδονική φάλαγγα σαν να καλεί εμμέσως τους Σκοπιανούς να είναι σε επαγρύπνηση λίγο πριν από την επίθεση...

Ο Μέγας Αλέκος ομιλεί στα ... ντόπια!

Όλα τα λεφτά είναι το όνομα της ... Κλεοπάτρας στα κυριλλικά υπό τους ήχους του Παπαθανασίου. Μιλάμε για κλοπή σε όλα τα επίπεδα! Α, ναι και ο Πούτιν είναι επίγονος του μεγάλου στρατηλάτη...

Άθελά του κι εδώ ο Πούτιν ξαναπαίζει τον ρόλο του. Εδώ εκπροσωπείται από το πλήρωμα ενός υποβρυχίου που αναδύεται ... στην Makedonija!Α, ναι η διαφήμιση γυρίστηκε για λογαριασμό της Cosmofon, θυγατρική της Cosmote στην πΓΔΜ...


Έλα Αλέκο…

Τι εθνικότητας ήταν ο Μέγας Αλέξανδρος?


Λυπάμαι πολύ!


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