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18 February 2008




Sorry, an "off post" comment. I'm not lucky enough to own a Mac computer, but I am finding that your site takes an age to load recently. Perhaps just my computer, but it seems to get stuck on a couple of the Amazon and MP3 files and can take a couple of minutes to get itself sorted. If nobody else is having similar problems, I'll see if I can get things sorted out my end ...


Much, much better. Makes an amazing difference. Thank you.



Αγαπητοί και εξαιρετικοί μου φίλοι,

Το ΠΡΕΖΑTV πιστό στις αρχές του παρουσιάζει 5-ΠΡΟΤΑΣΕΙΣ-ΣΟΚ και προκαλεί όποιον πολιτικό έχει αρχίδια να τις εφαρμόσει ΤΩΡΑ!


Όχι άλλο κάρβουνο, Ε.Π.Α.Ν.Α.Σ.Τ.Α.Σ.Η. ΤΩΡΑ!

Με εκτίμηση πάντα,


These are the people (melas, karavangelis) who slaughtered my grand-grandparents. The "struggle for Macedonia" is nothing but a genocide and if it happened today, those two would now be in Hague.


Ei, comme on greek orthodox brothers. Please respect the truth. You have given so much light to the world, but you don`t need to bow to your own bandits.


"These are the people (melas, karavangelis) who slaughtered my grand-grandparents. The "struggle for Macedonia" is nothing but a genocide and if it happened today, those two would now be in Hague."

Nope. Actually the slaughter of Greeks in those areas had already been taking place, the VMRO and proto IMRO were proud of it and their criminal massacres by the pan-Slav and "Macedonian revolutionaries" behind the Iliden episodes, which included pogroms and slaughters against Greeks and Turks in the region.

If there was a Hague back then there would be a heck of lot more Slav Macedonian and Bulgarian nationalists on the dock for genocide than Greeks!


this are greek lies. I have even red Karavangelis "Struggle for Macedonia". He is only a infiltrated terrorist, who operates in a dominantly bulgarian area. The peasants he relyies to are grekomanian Bulgars and Vlahs. the proof that Macedonia was dominantly bulgarian is the Ilinden upraising. one of the bloodiest in ottoman empire. the Greeks tried also their own upraising in order to show the world that macedonia is greek but this upraising almost didn`t happen. so they only proofed that macedonia wasn`t greek.
but of course today Macedonia is greek, like it was in ancient times and no one doubt this. we Bulgars have forgiven you.


Niko, your statement makes no sense.

Bulgarian operatives during Ilindin boasted of killing unarmed Greeks (as well as Turkish peasants who had nothing to do with the occupation).

The Bulgarians slaughtered wholesale most of the Greek men women and children of Sozopol, and then in areas to the south of Sozopol ruthlessly attacked the Greek towns along the Black Sea coast, terrorizing and illegally driving out populations of tens of thousands of Greeks who had been there continually since the 8th century BC or longer.

By the way in ALL of Europe in al of World War Two, the most efficient "evacuation" for murder of the Jews was done in Bulgarian occupied areas of Yugoslavia and Greece. Those areas had the highest death rates of Jews. All arrested by Bulgarian forces without German in sight.


Dear brother in Christ, I`m offering to you this new made video, which shows all the truth about Macedonia:
I don`t want to speak about greek atrocities in the balkan wars and IWW. about the BW You can read from the link to the Carnegie commission and some caught letters from greek soldiers:
I tried to study the bulgarian atrocities against Greeks - there was such also, but not like this. the killed greek people in the black sea towns are not more than 50 perhaps. most of the Greeks left Bulgaria by themselvses burning their houses leaving. there are many bulgarian atrocities against greek partizans (but also against bulgarian partizans) and perhaps 3 or 4 thousand Greeks killed in one uprising - I think Kavala - in WWII from the bulgarian army - but this was the answer for the former wars and the bulgarian army never felt like occupator, but it was like reconquista for the bulgarians.
We Bulgareans wanted in the WWII only land what was bulgarian. Hitler offered us also Thessaloniki, but we never took it, because it never has been bulgarian town.
So the truth about Macedonia is, that South Macedonia was hellenic in ancient times. than since the 5th century it`s without population because of the Awar attacks. and since the 7th century it`s inhabited by Protobulgarians and bulgarian Slavs. the Greeks held only the coast for themselves. big parts from Thessalia are also inhabited by Bulgarians, like You see on the cards in the video above. after balkan war and IWW Bulgarians in South Macedonia are massacred or leave it. so it became greek. North Macedonia suffered even bigger terror from the Serbs. it remained ethnicaly bulgarian. inhabited by brainwashed Bulgarians - the descendants of Super Alex, calling themselves Macedonians.
the ideals behind the organization of ORIM (VMRO) and the Ilinden uprising are the ideals of the Great French Revolution - so I don`t believe that they attacked innocent Greeks or Turks. in the ORIM can participate everyone, who was against slavery. many bulgarian ORIM heroes are Vlachs.
and my last words - because You attacked me about the Jews in the occupied (by the Bulgarians) parts of Yugoslavia and Greece. But as You surely know the Jews in the Bulgarian motherland were saved. and in the Jad Vashem memorial is listed the name of the Bulgarian King - the "ally" of Hitler. so I have to dissapoint You. it will sound surprizingly for You perhaps - but the secret is that the bulgarian king didn`t saved the Jews. it wasn`t also the church, the army or the politicans. it was the people. the ordinary people. the neighbours of this same Jews. it was to the Greeks in South Macedonia or to the Bulgarians in Northern (Yugoslav) Macedonia to save them, but they didn`t.

God bless You



Please don't sell your version of history here. Bulgaria historically has ended up on the wrong side in the Balkan Wars, WWI and WWII. Bulgarians can only blame themselves for this. Bulgaria willingly occupied Greek territory after the Germans conquered Greece. The Bulgarian authorities were responsible for rounding up all the Jews in the occupied areas and shipping them to Auschwitz. This is a historical fact.

It was largely through the efforts of the Bulgarian Orthodox Church which led protests against deportations that Bulgarian Jews were saved. The IMRO on the other hand, had a well earned reputation as a terror network and gangster organization. The full story is here:

As an Orthodox Christian I prefer that all Orthodox Christians in the Balkans show solidarity with each other, learn to live in peace and put aside the feuds of the past.

May God bless us ALL and may we learn the importance of humility. Something in short supply in the Balkan region.

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