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07 September 2007



Hi Stavro,

Wasn't it me that told you that story? In fact, I heard specifically that the phrase used by the taxi driver was "Prosoxe, To aftokinito den einay Katsarola" (Be careful, driving isn't like cooking?) (or the car isn't like some cooked dish?)

At any rate, I have to say without a doubt since I live and drive daily in Athens, that the women here are better drivers. On a daily basis, I hear horns honked, dangerous maneuvers, and just plain bad driving, and 99% of them are men. Usually the women are less aggressive.

The other thing I don't see here too much (unlike the states) is the women applying their makeup while driving. I used to get a kick out of that in California seeing the gals applying their lipstick while trying to navigate the bumper to bumper traffic...


Tres drole, but not a BMW in sight though I did spot an automatic Mercedes ... which figures. I only know one woman who drives her own BMW, with a stonking great sports engine more addictive than chocolate. She drives it because she chose it, and she chose it because it is without doubt it contains one of the best engines known to man. It is a driver's car, and it would be a crime in drive it in built up Athens. It needs space, and bends and can burn off almost anything. Your point is?

Now, where's the kitchen?



I don't think so but I'm sure it has made the rounds. A better translation is "A car is not a cooking pot."

Of course I will defer to you since your accrued driving time in Greece surpasses mine. My observations are less than scientific. Actually I just wanted to make people laugh a bit.


Gee and I thought my Hyundai Elantra was all that. Sounds like the only suitable road for your much loved BMW is a German Autobahn because it is no cooking pot. Try not to blow the doors off the Hyundais puttering by.


Nah, autobahns are boring, and don't make use of the rear-wheel drive which comes into its own on corners. Scotland's pretty good. The disproportionate investment there of EU money means they have some of the best roads, the most amazing scenery and few other cars...

Did make me laugh, though. This is what my car represents:

Along with many others, I suspect.


As Tracy says:

"You got a fast car,
but is it fast enough so you can fly away?"

BTW, can you drive with the top down in Scotland? I don't think there is enough sun there for my sunny Mediterranean disposition, although its mountains would remind me of Politsani.


No, that was Chitty Chitty Bang Bang...


My fiance says Greek women are bad drivers, and to some point I agree. However, if you've ever been in the car with my fiance, you'd know he's a pot calling the kettle black. The thing that bugs him is that they drive the speed limit, sometimes don't signal and sometimes don't look both ways before pulling into the road. He's basically the same way except he does it at twice the speed. OK, he does look both ways consistently, but he makes up for that with his Indy 500 passing skills. I often wish I had a sedative.



Bad driving is not exclusive to any one country. You'll find bad drivers anywhere you go. I find Greek drivers as a whole very impatient and addicted to speed. This summer I turned into a narrow side street from a very busy main thoroughfare. Buses and trucks careen down this road at breakneck speeds. Another vehicle was approaching from the opposite direction. We both stopped and looked at each other and the driver in the other vehicle waved his hand motioning to me to back out onto the main road. Since I was not suicidal I stayed put figuring he would get the message. He kept waving his hands at me and making funny faces while shouting insults. Only when I exited my vehicle and began walking toward him did he back up into a driveway to let me pass.

Actually I think all Greek cars should be equipped with a sedative dispenser. For drivers as well as passengers. A healthy dose of common sense would also help.

Drive safe and take care.


I think all the drivers mentioned are most likely Aries people. No paitience and complete disregard for anyone that isn't them. Personally, that's why cities such as Athens, Los Angeles and Halifax have so many fender benders in them.


Greeks drive the way they vote.......

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