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31 August 2007


Stavros Stavridis

Neos Kosmos is Australia's largest circulating Greek-Australian newspaper which is published on Mondays and Thursdays. It appears on Saturdays as Nea Hellada. This newspaper started publication in 1957 and still going strong.


How would you feel if that was your great grandfather or grandfather left without a proper service.That's what they want,remember karma.


this article is a lie.the priest was taking the bodies of albanian citizens and passing them as greek soldiers there was never a battle in that area and the worker wasnt robing graves he was working for the priest but called the cops when he read his grandmothers name on the grave the priest wanted to take the body. abyway this is helpless u wont belive just amazes me how u lie to yourself and belive it.



The Albanian government past and present has never done anything to honor the Greek soldiers who helped liberate at least a part of Albania from the Italians. Albania was occupied by Italy and Albanians were on the Allied side during World War II, or at least that is the latest version of Albanian history. We were on the same side, right?

If Albanians consider the Greeks enemies then they should still do the humane thing and at least honor their final resting place or assist the effort to identify their remains. BTW, there are a number of cemeteries in Greece where foreign soldiers, British and German are buried and they are well maintained and accorded respect.

Too bad Albanians can't do the right thing although they are quite good at accusing others of lying.



My papou (may his memory be eternal) fought in Epirus. With his own eyes did he see countless Greeks and even more Italians die in Albania. No lie. Just history.

If this is an indication of what sort of country Albania is, then it has a long time before it can join the civilized world.



When ever will be a time that Greeks wherever they live will understand that world is not what they dream during the day and pray at nights. Greek Army occupied Albania the same as Italian and German army did, an occupier is not a liberator.

If you had any brain left you should use to find how the Greek army have no records of their dead soldiers.

It is not responsibility of Albanians to find where the Greek army left their own dead soldiers.

I was born and raised in south (Gjirokaster). I have read and hear plenty of stories how Greek soldiers were deserted by their army and government in the villages of Albania and saved (fed and protected) by poor Albania villagers.

It was Venizellos and Co. that pushed out of Greece land thousand of soldiers who died in the borders with Albania and no one cared for them.

Till you learn to respect your own dead soldiers do not ask other to do so.



Been an Albanian even from north surprisingly i see many similarities with greeks. Some of my cousins that studied only 7 years in the school hardly finishing it surprisingly learned greek in one year.
In some villages of Athina they told me that they met greeks that could comunicate freely in southern accent of albanian language. And what puzzled tem most was that they were saying that no way they were albanians but more greeks than even greeks. These people are called arvaniti.

Pls don't use these graves to separate us cause even that you don't accept we are brothers. We reassemble the ancient people of pellazg which is our ancient origine. May be we had different way in centuries but still we remained like brothers; mind you Sulioti and arvaniti that fought for greeks and gave their way.

There's no need for hatred between us.
Religion is one thing that came and will go but Ancient greeks new nothing of christiandom or muslim. Is there a chance that religion fanatizem is spoiling our glorious memories?

Ej by the way the albanian flag doesn't join us?
it is the symbol of Konstandinopul.



This blog does not promote hatred against Albanians. My father spoke fluent Albanian. My father was born in Sheperi and my mother was born in Politsani. I was never taught to hate Albanians, only bad behavior.

The Albanians who live in Kosovo do not consider themselves Serbian, why does it seem strange that Greeks living in Albania don't consider themselves Albanian. That doesn't mean we all can't get along peacefully.

I am not sure why the issue of the graves is a controversial one. A number of years ago I visited the German cemetery in Crete.

The Germans executed 25,000 civilians in Crete.

What's the problem in Albania?

I do appreciate your courteous comments however, and you are welcome back anytime.

Here's a little gift, don't know what he is saying but I like it:

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