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ITHAKA ON THE HORIZON: A Greek-American Journey



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13 May 2007



And no matter what, never forget to tell your mother you love her. Never.


Bravo Ted, an excellent sentiment.


Hi Stavro, this is my first time reading your blog and I love it. It reminds me of all the reasons I changed my life and moved to Greece a decade ago.

In between the chaos of my life between continents, I read "Eleni" and it never really left me. It remains one of the only books that made me weep, and I've ready quite a few.

You'll be seeing me drop by again, sto kalo!



Welcome aboard. Always nice to hear from readers. I look forward to reading your comments, especially your observations as someone living in Greece.


It is also my first time reading your blog. I am a Greek who grew up in Austria and has been living in Asia (China, Singapore) for the past few years. With your blog you speak out from my soul. Many questions you raise or topics u discuss are the same I've been thinking about.
As for me, maybe your favorite writer Costas Kavafis is right in his poem "Ithaka"... I've been travelling the world, but my heart knows where I will come to rest!



Na se Kala. It is the goal of every writer to establish a connection with the reader. I am always amazed how widely scattered Greeks are all over the world, especially in places where one does not expect to find them. This diaspora, all these Greeks on the periphery as my friend Demo phrased it, are truly an untapped Greek natural resource that is worth more than all the oil in the world.

Here's hoping you will arrive in Ithaka some day soon.



A very good and sad true story i saw the movie and it's on my mind everytime, she was a true hero and a mother.

Best regards from a Greek in Sweden.



Is there a big Greek community where you live?
A Greek Orthodox Church? I spent some time in Northern Norway back in my younger days and thoroughly enjoyed the people and country although I never made it to Sweden. Are the two countries similar?


And I'm sure before the Communists existed everything was perfect...:) I wonder why they never made any movies about Makroniso or the terror of the Right and oligarchy.


No movies about the thousands interned in political prisoners, executed and murdered by the plutocratic Right?...



The Greek Civil War ended a long time ago. I really do not want to relive it here on the pages of MGO. Eleni was the story of one family's tragedy. There were many like it, not only in Greece but also in many other countries where communism reared its ugly head. My own family was one of those that suffered the depravities of Enver Hoxha's gulag. I doubt seriously whether we will change each others minds. That said, perhaps we can agree that it is always dangerous to let the state gain too much power over our lives.


We should recognize the terror of both the Communist Party and the oligarchic Right and the Royal Family in Greece. And when the oligarchic Right makes films like this they are just patronizing people.


The Civil War in Greece was never over. Just watch the news.


We left out the other card that both the extreme Right and Left were colluding with each other to destroy the Centre and progressive change under alternating cycles of Superpower rivalry and collusion. If you ever heard of Kosta Stinas, former KKE cadre) you should read his writings which are very amusing to put it mildly


I know what you mean when you say the war is not quite over.


Not just in Greece but around the world the civil war isnt over.

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