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05 March 2007


George Washington on Current EVENTS

Americans cannot be considered barbarians. The contributions of America's early years should be worshipped by political scientists of all times. This valuable interview of former President George Washington on current events shows us how great America is and how we are not barbarians but rather Gods to be worshipped, and fed grapes and fruit, and fanned by women with extremely well defined upper center of gravities.

So, on to Mr. Washington and his interview:

Q1: What makes the American Political System Superior to other systems, George:

Well, for one, US Presidents do not resign at the end of their term. Their term ends at noon on January 20th after the elections and a new president assumes the reins of government. US presidents can only serve for two four year terms, and are not allowed to run again. Only one US President in the history of the US resigned before the end of his term and that was Richard Nixon in 1974.

Further, what most people living outside of America do not realize is that power in the US is widely dispersed. This is why the US is one of the few if any countries that has never had a military government. When I (George Washington) made the speech to the Congress in 1783 there was no US Federal Constitution. The US Constitution was written in 1787, ratified by Congress and the legislatures of the thirteen States in 1788 and presidential elections held that year, and came into effect in March 1789 with the inauguration of ME (President Washington). This is why MY (George Washington's) speech to the Congress in 1783 was so important. It set a precedent in that the US military would always be under the control of the country's political leaders. This has not always been the case in other countries.

Q2: George, what do you think of President Bush and all the mistakes he has made over the last 8 years:

As for President Bush's mistakes, that is for Americans and history to decide. Remember, it was Americans that elected him and not any other country. One thing for sure though, presidential succession in America is always settled peacefully without massacres, bombs, tanks in the streets etc. Many countries could do well by copying this peaceful handover of power.

Q3: What do you think of the possibility of a woman (Hillary Clinton) becoming President:

As for Senator Clinton or any of the other candidates running for the office of President of the US, one does not know how they will turn out until they assume the office. I avoid speculating since that is a pastime reserved for coffee house gossipers.

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