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ITHAKA ON THE HORIZON: A Greek-American Journey



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    The Patriarchal Theological Seminary of Halki is located on the Turkish island known as Heyelbiada in the Bosporus straits. It was closed in 1971 by the Turkish government and is the subject of much controversy since it is the only seminary in Turkey and the position of Ecumenical Patriarch can only be filled by a Turkish citizen. Sign the petition to reopen it at

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22 November 2006


Stavros Stavridis

"The Grey Wolves is the youth organization of the Turkish ultranationlist movement founded by Alparslan Turkes in 1969. The movement's ideology is the dream of creating a Great Turkish Empire of all "Turkic" peoples."

The quote above is reminiscent of the Pan Turanian ideology of the Young Turks who wanted to united all the Turkic speaking people stretching from Central Asia to the Bosphorus. Enver Pasha wanted to implement something similar after the First World War.



Tebrik ederim harika bi calisma yapmisisniz kutlarim


I am a kurdish man.I would like to thank you for this article.It obviously shows the dirty history of turks.they think that all world are their enemies.but in truth they are the enemy of all world and humanity.


I respect the Kurds and their long struggle against all those that would deny them a homeland. They have earned the right to live free. They are surrounded by those that would destroy and devour what the Kurds have built in Northern Iraq. I hope that we Americans don't let you down again and finally recognize who our true friends are.


hahah,you guyz make me smile.. yasar your name is almost turkish. üstelik türkler hakkında nası konuşuyorsun ? if you dont like turkey,then go to your motherland, oh sorry you have not a country ? i don't like kurds they'r dirty fascists against the Turks.


Yes and Turks should go to their motherland also in Mongolia...:) The PanTuranists never answer the question of who is really a Turk just a Turkphone which could be anyone....The fact is that Turks are a minority even inside Turkey which is largely a Turkified country, and there are all kinds of theories about who the Kemalists really are. The articles here that deal with the Pontians and Turkification processes are very helpful in unravelling the myth of modern Turkey.


The 10 million+ Kurds who reside in Turkey are not Turks. They are in fact the fastest growing nation in the Middle East. One projection has it that, if current trends proceed through the next few decades, Turkey itself will, by 2050, include more Kurds than Turks.


Not just Kurds but people who have been Turkified. I did some research into this a while back and thats alot of people who call themselves Turks. Look into the language and toponym laws of the early Kemalist period. I think you have an article here about a Turkish writer who explored his Pontian roots which is excellent.


And its amazing that what passes off as "Turkish" or Ottoman culture is actually Greek-Byzantine, Arabic and Armenian. The original Turks themselves seem to have brought nothing with them to civilization but just parasitism.



Not all Turks have been Muslims I think of the Karamanliedes who were Greek Orthodox Turks. Interesting to speculate how Byzantium and the Turkic peoples would have interacted if the Turkic peoples were converted to Orthodoxy instead of Islam.


I always thought the "Ottoman yoke" was one of a clearly culturally inferior people using mostly manpower to overwhelm, assimilate and adopt the culture and insitutions of other civilizations. I'm still trying to figure out what was distinctly "Turkish" about it. Is it any wonder its one of the only civilisations that has left almost nothing of value in history but is rightly considered a historical dark age.


I think Turks might disagree with you. Although we should be rightly proud of our culture we don't necessarily have to discredit theirs. Let history be the judge. Our two cultures have lived side by side for centuries and whether we like it or not we have rubbed off on each other. For better or worse.

Having spent time in Greece and Turkey, I can honestly say I felt comfortable in both.

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