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21 May 2006


Ted Laskaris

Stavros: Congratulations on the new blog!

Actually, Mrs. Karahasan is of Pomak origin. Pomaks are Slavo-Macedonian speakers; they number roughly 25,000 in Greek Thrace. The Greek state identifies them as simply "Muslim," whereas Turkey recognizes them as "Turks" (what a surprise).

Pasok is going to suffer a major defeat over Karahasan, but the real problem is that her nomination has triggered the kind of unrest that can develop into a bigger confrontation involving "human rights" and "minority rights" at a time Ankara is looking eagerly for an opportunity to fan the flames of a spot crisis with Greece.

Papandreou acted as a real provocateur on this one, although his actions are quite predictable given his deep involvement with the broader "human rights" community working flat out to undermine this country. It is indeed sad to see the head of the main opposition deliberately stirring the pot in an effort to undermine the government irrespective of potential damage to the country's foreign relations and security. But this is the story of Greek politics...


Ted, the main opposition party undermining the government irrespective of potential damge to the country's foreign relations and security is also,unfortunately, the story of American politics.


Karahassan apparently said in an interview with a Turk newspaper that her political idol was Tansu Ciller.
Worth remembering that Ciller was Turkey's foreign minister in 1996 when Solomos Solomou and Tassos Isaac were murdered in Dherynia, Cyprus, by the Turkish occupation army and the Grey Wolves respectively.
It was reported that as foreign minister, Ciller financed the despatch of 3,000 Grey Wolves to Cyprus to stir up trouble on the Green Line and later said regarding the death of Solomou, shot while trying to pull down a Turkish flag, that Turkey will 'break the hands of anyone who lays a finger on the Turkish flag'.
I can't even begin to express my disgust for Papandreou. And to think Pasok used to be redeemable because it had a patriotic streak.


Most people have been ranting and raving about some of the more 'extreme' reactions to the nomination of Karahasan by Papandreou and the impact this may have on Karahasan. Actually, it is Papandreou's nomination of a person that is unqualified for the job so as to simply to prove a symbolic point who has been at least equally or even more demeaning and undignified to Karahasan and not too mention to the Hellenic people.

However, we should appluad his nomination because it will eventually ensure that Papandreou is never elected PM. The Greek people are not stupid and will realise what sort of a fraud he is. Also, as for PASOK, I hope they get rid of him as there are still some redeemable elements within the party.

Stavros, very good site. I look forward to some interesting kavgathes!

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