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Born in Istanbul (Constantinople), Turkey of Greek parents who immigrated to the USA in 1956. I grew up in New York City and joined the Marine Corps at age 19. retiring twenty two years later. I was stationed in Greece during my military career, where I married a nice Greek girl. (Needless to say that made mama very happy.) We live in Maine, where our two sons grew up. After becoming a civilian again, I went back to school, thanks to the GI Bill and have worked as a nurse practitioner for the last 15 years. Although I consider myself an American, I am very proud of my Greek heritage and my Orthodox faith. Part of my rationale for starting this blog is to help Americans of Greek descent rediscover their own roots and to give others an understanding of things Greek.


japanese poet of the 17th century, "i do not seek to follow in the footsteps of the men of old; i seek the things they sought." matsuo basho