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ITHAKA ON THE HORIZON: A Greek-American Journey



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21 November 2007



What a wonderful letter. Happy Thanksgiving- I like the picture too, it reminds me of illustrations in Ladybird books when I was a child.


Hi Margaret,

Thank you for the holiday wishes. Sorry about the typo errors which have since been rectified. Thanksgiving is one of my favorite holidays because it is an occasion when families come together even if it means traveling long distances.

The picture is by an American painter named Norman Rockwell, who I am particularly fond of.He thought well of the United States and its people, and painted images that express that goodness.

Here's two more I like:


Didn't even notice any typos and we all make them anyway and one of my recent posts was embarrassingly full of them.

Thanks for the links to the other pictures - I had a look at some other sites too. I like all the little details, like the man looking out of the bottom right of your picture. Funny how someone can be so well known in the US, and comparitively unknown here (at least, I've never heard o him ...).

We shall think of you all eating turkey, though Cypriot lemon chicken is not a bad alternative :).


Our guests left a little while ago and I am sitting here stuffed to the gills. Anna outdid herself. Other than the Greek Salad and a few variations here and there she likes to cook traditional American dishes for Thanksgiving like Turkey with bread stuffing mixed with cranberries and raisans, sweet potatoes, squash soup and apple or pumpkin pie. My sister brought over a Tiramisu from our favorite Italian bakery in New York which was to die for.

I got a look at your Lemon Chicken. Well done! Despite your Anglo-Saxon handicaps and your penchant for fiddling with sacred Greek recipes you succeeded in producing a dish that Lola B. consumed and enjoyed. Perhaps that was the hardest part.

Rockwell is not a Rembrandt or Van Gogh but I like his work and the simple stories it depicts. Art, no matter how great or refined does mean a thing if it doesn't touch your soul somehow.


Sadly not a morsel of the Lemon Chicken passed Lola B's mouth. Animals are her friends, and she doesn't eat her friends. Hasn't eaten them since she was three, in fact. Elder Daughter more than makes up for it, however.

Anna's meal sounds wonderful. Lucky you - to be fed rather than to feed - but I imagine that she takes an enormous amount of pleasure in seeing her family assembled round her, enjoying the food she has prepared.


Our neighbors in Greece named a little baby goat after my son Chris a few years ago. He had a picture of it on his nightstand. He didn't take the news well when he found out the poor thing had met an untimely death. Yes, it is difficult to eat friends.

Believe me when I say there are times when Anna would prefer to be fed, than to feed but she does get a kick out watching people enjoy her food. Savoring great cooking is always easier when enjoyed with good company.

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