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11 May 2007


Ted Laskaris


Thanks for the link and for discovering Tao of Defiance. Great site.

Kosovo is an open wound right in the middle of the Balkans and the US is determined to make an already dead end situation a cause for wider conflict with unforeseen consequences. Even the tame Greek government is expressing reservations on the status of "supervised independence" for the Kosovar Albanian Mafia.

Kosovo independence could possibly spell trouble inside Greece as well. There are elements here and in Albania who are ready to launch a "liberation struggle" for the so-called Tsamouria (and you know the story there.) In such case, Greece will be in the unenviable position of being the first EU member to face an imported guerrilla campaign on its territory.

As they say, we live in interesting times...


Tao of Defiance. A website purporting to provide information and reporting to protect the West by using Asian stupidities.

Strange times indeed.



What can I say? Some folks have gone beyond just reading Marcus Aurelius.


It's interesting how selfish and irresponsible these "jihadis" are with respect to their own families.

Look at what is happening to the father of one of those arrested:

The family business is sure to be bankrupted, and that's just the tip of the iceberg of trouble for them.

These guys think they're acting for some "higher" cause, but the irony is they're hurting the hands that feed them, not only the nation which gave them snatuary but also their own flesh and blood.


Stavros, blasphemy! If someone wants a religion-thought systems that negates life they should read the Cynics not Asiatic plagiarisms.


Finally knuckleheaded Americans have realised the Greeks were right all along about the Balkans. I remember having conversations with some brain deficient young Greek American men about Serbia and the broader Balkans about 8 years ago. They may as well as played me a tape because they spouted forth the usual US State Department drivel without thinking for one minute. Cognitive biases everywhere. Now, the Greeks feel vindicated.

Oh many other American mistakes will come to light in the next few years!


It is sheer naivety and the epitome of crass idiocy to expect any gratitude from one's enemies.
An enemy is to be vanquished and taken out of the line of firing, not to be dawdled and hanky pankied based on spurious anthropocentric and humanitarian philosophies; which ironically have rooted and become ingrained in the greek and by extension "western" psyche.

One wonders how much more of this ethnomasoquism one is forced to endure.

Under the label of religious differences and tolerance of cultures a disguise and camouflage is provided for the real issue, which is racial differences, imcompatible ethnic variations which can only contribute to inter ethnic schisms and confrontation.

Greek society, christian society , has been undermined and undergoing further erosion by the virus of pacifism, humanitarianism,and equivocal tolerance of the very essence which should be intolerable.

The archaic ideology of humanism has brought about the mental paralysis of our defence systems.

Don't expect gratitude from your enemies, neutralize your enemy and then expect gratitude from God and thank him for having rescued you.

Muslim enclaves should be wiped out from the balkans and prevent them from nearing greek territory. Allowing these enclaves to grow and fester is like watching a catastrophe building up and waiting to envelop the entire orthodox region.


A conection exists between how these terrorists were caught and terrorist videos being produced. Here is an example for you of videos against Greece made by Albanians:

and the link

American government has not understood even one thing (note their consistent support for an independent Kosovo in the U.N. Security Council, even after this slap in the face at Fort Dix). The soldiers and their commanders might be aware, but hte executive, legislative and judicial brances of American government will continue to repeat policy mistakes.

There is an effort (supported by Turkey, Italy and America) to create a greater Albania. The Italians have been dreaming of this since the 1930s. It is not only the Albanian fanatics that need to be dealt with, but their powerful supporters as well.

The Greek government has done not one thing to slam this issue in the face of either Italian or American governments. The Greek people, including those that like to write on the Internet, will continue to line up at the polls on election day and select PASOK-ND-KKE-SIN. Bottom line, nothing changes. Without changes, the Kosovofication of Northern Greece (2 fronts, Albanians in Epirus and Muslims in Thrace) will begin.


Ah, Hermes, as my mother might say "ti tha kavoume me esena?"

Here I am, asking for for your writings (I'm expecting, perhaps somewhat over-optimistically, that a modicum of editorial oversight would allow me to skip over your maniacal ravings and get to whatever important/interesting things to say), and you ignore me completely!

Alas, if you'd ever hoped to have influence among the Greek diaspora, I'd expected you to have seized that opportunity.

Then again, perhaps you just prefer to remain a bitter old man (you've probably had too many "shrimps on the barbie" for your own good).


GANYC, you might do well to grow up one day and deal with the real problem at hand i.e. your beloved country's (or more accurately the people that really govern it) love of profit and its awful consequences, rather than attacking people.

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